Toronto's Life, Disability and Critical Illness Insurance Authority

Life Insurance Brokers on a mission to protect your greatest assets: Your money, your family & your business.

Lifesure Group is a team of Life Insurance and Disability Insurance brokers serving Markham and the Greater Toronto Area. Our mission is your financial security. Your income, your business, your family and your retirement are all at risk from the harmful impact of an illness, disability or death.  You need to be prepared. As brokers, we eliminate your risk with the best selection of financial products from Canada’s most trusted companies.  We make life insurance planning easy and affordable.


Disability Income Insurance

Learn important details on how Disability Insurance protects your greatest asset, your income.

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Critical Illness Insurance

Learn about Critical Illness Insurance and why this could be the most important insurance you'll ever own.

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Life Insurance Basics

An intro to Life Insurance and how it can transcend your wealth and protect the future of your family and your business.

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